Time Served in State Prison, 2016


Bureau of Justice Statistics

More than half (57 percent) of violent offenders who were released from state prison in 2016 served less than three years before their release, according to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. About 1 in 25 violent offenders (3.6%) served 20 years or more before their initial release.

The report, Time Served in State Prison, 2016, presents findings on the time served by prisoners released from state prison in 2016, including mean and median length of time served by most serious offense and the percentage of sentence served by offense before initial release from state prison.

The average time served by state prisoners released in 2016, from their date of initial admission to their date of initial release, was 2.6 years. Statistics are based on prisoner records from the BJS National Corrections Reporting Program and are based on state prisoners’ initial release after serving time for a given offense. They exclude persons who had been released after serving time for an offense, returned to prison for violating community supervision, and then were released again.

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Main photo: handy/Shutterstock.com