Bureau of Justice Statistics

From 1997 to 2016, the number of full-time sworn officers in general-purpose law enforcement agencies increased by about 52,000 (8 percent). That’s among the findings of Full-Time Employees in Law Enforcement Agencies, 1997-2016, a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The report presents counts of full-time employees in general-purpose law enforcement agencies for 2016, with comparisons to prior years. General-purpose law enforcement agencies include municipal, county, and regional police departments; most sheriffs’ offices; and primary state and highway patrol agencies. Results are shown by type of law enforcement agency and by sworn status.

They are distinct from special-purpose agencies (e.g., those with jurisdiction on tribal lands; and in parks, schools, airports, subways, hospitals, housing authorities and government buildings), sheriffs’ offices with only jail and court duties, and federal law enforcement agencies. Only general-purpose agencies are included in this report.

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