The following abstracts on public safety-related articles appeared in newspapers, magazines and websites earlier in 2019. This page is no longer being updated due to the end of the Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC) program.


New Firestone Police Station Expected to Open in September

Times-Call, (07/23/2019), Kelsey Hammon

Construction of a new police station in Firestone, Colo., is expected to be completed in mid-September. When complete, the facility will include a municipal courtroom, records area, forensics lab, and an onsite training room complete with a firearms shooting simulator.

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Sheriff’s Department Partners With Mental Health Clinic, (07/25/2019), Chesley Oxendine

The Muskogee County Sheriff’s Department now has iPads to quickly put patients having a mental health crisis in touch with clinicians with specialized training. Each iPad has the MyCare app, which allows clinicians to video chat with law enforcement officials and clients. The process allows clinicians to help law enforcement determine a course of action for a given situation.

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FBI Opens New Digital Forensics Laboratory in Massachusetts

Government Technology, (07/24/2019), Paul Feely for The New Hampshire Union Leader

The FBI has opened a new digital forensics laboratory in Chelsea, Mass., that will provide services and support to law enforcement agencies throughout New England. The New England Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory is devoted to examining digital evidence.

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Maine Will Soon Offer Medication-Assisted Treatment to Inmates Struggling With Opioid Addiction

BDN MidCoast, (06/03/2019), Lauren Abbate

Some 100 to 150 inmates in Maine will receive medication-assisted treatment, counseling and other services to combat addiction as part of a pilot program funded by Groups: Recover Together. The pilot launches in July. In addition to helping individuals overcome addiction, the program also aims to help them transition back into the community.

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All Hillsborough Deputies Will Learn How to De-escalate a Mental Health Crisis

Tampa Bay Times, (06/11/2019), Tony Marrero

At the Hillsborough County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office, a 40-hour crisis intervention training program has become mandatory for all 2,400 sworn deputies. The previously voluntary training also will be updated by local mental health practitioners.

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Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center to Start New Basic Training Format, (06/10/2019), Tiffany Lane

In an effort to make it easier for departments to hire trained officers, the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center is switching to starting classes more frequently and reducing class size. The goal behind the changes is to reduce the waiting time to gain entrance to the academy, which had been a year or longer.

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