Portable test kit
FTCoE Report Provides Insights, Information on Portable Drug Testing Devices




Pennsylvania System Tracks and Centralizes Drug Overdose Information






BJS report
Report: Update on Prisoner Recidivism




Man flying drone
Public Safety Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems






Public Safety Technology in the News

  • Norwalk Police Welcome Bomb-Sniffing Dogs
  • Law Enforcement ‘Safe Zone’ Patrols Start in Downtown Minneapolis
  • Oklahoma Leads Nation in Incarceration Rate



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The Justice Technology Information Center is a component of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center System, a program of the National Institute of Justice. JTIC serves as an information resource for technology and equipment related to law enforcement, corrections and courts, and hosts the NIJ Compliance Testing Program, a voluntary equipment standards and testing program for ballistic- and stab-resistant body armor and other officer safety equipment, which conducts equipment testing, reviews and analyzes testing data and disseminates results.

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