Bureau of Justice Statistics

This report provides statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics annual data collection on capital punishment.

The report includes statistics on the number of prisoners executed each year from 1977 through 2017, the number and race of prisoners under sentence of death at year-end 2017 by state, and the average elapsed time from sentence to execution by year from 1977 through 2017.

Findings include:

  • At year-end 2017, 32 states and the Federal Bureau of Prisons held 2,703 prisoners under sentence of death, which was 94 (3%) less than at year-end 2016.
  • In 2017, the number of prisoners held under sentence of death declined for the 17th consecutive year.
  • Eighteen states held fewer prisoners under sentence of death at year-end 2017 than at year-end 2016, 3 states and the BOP held more prisoners, and 11 states held the same number.
  • Three states accounted for 59% of the national decline in prisoners under sentence of death in 2017: Florida (down 33 prisoners), Delaware (down 12), and Texas (down 10).

Access the report at here.

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